The Gurmilan Foundation is a public charity registered in the State of California.

We are a Non-Profit Organization actively working in the community to support amazing adaptive individuals that are striving to acquire an education, and a higher quality of life in their communities.

Our programs focus on aiding young individuals within the adaptive community by providing scholarships, grants, and events so they can achieve their full potential.

All funds impact our programs directly. Our meetings are held every month and are open to the public.



Through fundraising the Gurmilan Foundation will supports students with scholarships to help those with the desire to acquire a formal secondary education. The Gurmilan Foundation every year selects  candidates to carry the message of community and empowerment forward! Apply today!


Creating awareness and educating the community about the different issues affecting the adaptive community is key to ensuring a positive future for the next generation! We bring our message to local and international audiences every year reaching thousands!


Through donations like medical and adaptive equipment, the Gurmilan Foundation empowers those in need within the adaptive community. We have partnered with Pure Stoke Organization to have the adaptive community experience the healing power of the ocean!


The Gurmilan Foundation organizes and supports adaptive surf camps by providing resources to make the beach accessible to those with impairments. We partner with Pure Stoke and Locales Surf School in Rosarito to take the adaptive community surfing in Baja, the first of its kind in Baja. It is our vision that the ocean should be accessible to anyone, the thrill of riding a wave and the benefits of the healing powers of the sea. In 2020 we will even greater vision for empowering the community further!


The Gurmilan Foundation is actively working to educate the community about issues pertaining to inclusion. Humberto Gurmilan, former sports journalist and adaptive surfer speaks in the community  to help create awareness and support for universal design. His story is powerful, giving the audience a glimpse into his life which is full of adventure and teaches resiliency. Contact us to bring his powerful message to you. All proceeds raised from these presentations and workshops go towards funding our programs.