From My Chair


“From My Chair” is the chronicle of events that followed a traumatic surfing accident that left Beto Gurmilán paralyzed at the young age of 15. His dreams and hopes of a “normal” life were shattered but his will remained intact. Through perseverance and with strong family support Gurmilán has recovered and has accomplished many of the dreams that at one point seemed so distant. In his first published book, Gurmilán interweaves anecdotes and personal experiences that have helped him in his route to regaining control of his life and completing his dreams. He revisits his road to recovery from spinal cord injury but also shares perspectives about love, life, family and some of the keys to happiness that have helped him turn a tragedy into valuable life lessons for everyone to learn from. Gurmilán teaches us that limitations only exist in the mind and that the human spirit is the fuel of all accomplishments. He encourages us to cherish each moment –good or bad- and learn from them. “From My Chair” provides footnotes for life in a lighthearted yet powerful language that all can understand.


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